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The HACCP Online Training Program

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Program Details

HACCP Online Training was designed to offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to meeting the requirement of training in maintaining a HACCP Food Safety Management System.


By the time you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the causes of food borne illness
  • Identify the key points of HACCP
  • Explain the 7 HACCP principles
  • Develop prerequisite programs for food safety
  • Develop standard operating procedures for food safety and food defense in your operation
  • Determine critical control points
  • Apply critical control limits
  • Complete monitoring forms
  • Determine effective corrective actions
  • Maintain an effective HACCP system


Topics covered in HACCP Online Training:

Part A– Prerequisite Program Review

  • A.1 - Documents & Records
  • A.2 - GMP: Premises, Transportation, Storage, Equipment, Personnel, Sanitation, Pest Control
  • A.3 – Labeling, Traceability and Recall
  • A.4 – Allergen Control

Part B - Food Safety System Control Programs

  • B.1 – Supplier Approval
  • B.2 – Environmental Monitoring
  • B.3 – Food Fraud & Food Defence
  • B.4 – Internal Audits

Part C– HACCP Plan Development

  • C.1 – Intro to HACCP Plan
  • C.2 – 12 Steps – 7 Principles of HACCP Plan
  • C.3 – Hazard Identification
  • C.4 – Hazard Analysis
  • C.4 – Managing HACCP Systems


Simplify your HACCP requirements.

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